Tailscale is an easy and free service for creating your own mesh VPN, built on Wireguard and easier to scale. Tailscale does provide instructions for hardening it – reducing its privileges to the minimum necessary to run. However, the instructions don't fully work for Linux distributions running polkit >= 106, like Arch Linux.


Game updates frequently break mods, and mod updates often break your saved multiplayer games because players don't reliably get them at the same time. Here is how to use Irony Mod Manager to create a stable, unchanging mod pack. You can combine it with the Steam beta menu to have an unchanging checksum that will always work with the version of the game it was made for.


Let's say I want to create an external health check for AdGuard that exercises both the HTTP interface and the DNS resolution, because I do. Unlike Cloudflare, AdGuard doesn't take an easy name parameter, and I found it quite difficult to find existing documentation on how to craft a DoH request manually. Here's how to do it in Python.


Originally posted on reddit.

The following macro will:

  • Make every summoner summon small on your screen (this is a client-side setting)
  • Keep limited party effects (bubbles, etc)
  • Turn off effects outside your party
  • Also turn down sound effects

Add this macro and the second one to a bar if you want to toggle back and forth.


I wrote a document for configuring Zabbix 6.0 web interface to use LLDAP for logins. Here is the same information, with pictures.



Cybrxkhan's Assortment of Namelists for Stellaris


The Primes are a xenophobic, aggressively expansionist alien species originating in the Dyson Alpha system. ... The race is extremely xenophobic, to the point that individual immotiles view the very existence of other independent life forms as a threat to their continued existence. ... This xenophobia is so extreme that the Prime exterminated all mobile life on their home world, lest it ever become a threat, and upon gaining nuclear technology immediately and unhesitatingly used it against each other, stopping only when the damage to their world became so extreme that it threatened the survival of the remaining immotiles. Upon contact with humans, the immotile collective known as MorningLightMountain immediately deployed wormhole technology to eliminate every other immotile, leaving it and its offspring as the only representative of its race on the homeworld. It then proceeded to immediately turn all its forces against humanity, as the very possibility of not destroying them was beyond its comprehension.


Sirius Corporation Covert Creations (SCCC)

Not affiliated with Li-Yong Rui, PowerPlay, nor any player minor factions. Still secretly controlling a galaxy near you.

Bounty Hunting Spot Finder

Find RES/CNB near you, dynamically updated as the galaxy changes.

Ship Anatomy (Rehost)

Rehost of Anton Natarov's interactive ship anatomy tool.


See on: Steam Workshop.

Show Building Slot Capacity

Shows the used & open number of building slots on a colony, and where they came from.



Versions available for UIOD, Bigger Planet View, and Planetary Diversity.


See planet size of targeted planet

trigger planet_size = trigger:planet_size

Find the biggest barren planet within your borders

Useful to decide what to use Azaryn's power on. If you want to find more, change the number in position = 0.

effect ordered_planet_within_border = { limit = { planet_size > 25 is_planet_class = pc_barren NOT = { has_modifier = "terraforming_candidate" } } position = 0 order_by = trigger:planet_size inverse = no set_variable = { which = Size_Of_Planet value = trigger:planet_size } custom_tooltip = "[This.GetName] is an Azaryn candidate, in system [This.System.GetName], and its size is above" } }

Find hidden presapients in your empire

You may see the notification for Unspent Trait Points but be unable to find the species on your empire screen, nor on your species screen, nor on any of your colonies. This is because presapients on planets within your borders spawn the notification even if you do not have the body colonized, and they can even spawn on barren planets which hides the Population tab entirely.

Use this to find them (it is two lines – just paste in to the console):

effect space_owner = { every_planet_within_border = { limit = { is_colony = no } every_owned_species = { limit = { is_archetype = PRESAPIENT } custom_tooltip = "in system [Prev.System.GetName]
" } } }